Our Mission

Workilo is a Digital Marketplace Community built to make buying and selling of professional services simple and convenient for you. We know that you're a valuable member of our community – whether Workilo Worker (service provider) or Workilo Client (service recipient). Welcome to Workilo!

Our Values


We service many of the most diverse places in the world. Did you know that more than 40% of our local Brooklyn speak more than one language? We’re thrilled to support our community by hiring local Workers that understand the unique needs of their Clients.


Workilo empowers Workers to develop their business with a FREE Workilo Storefront. Want to grow? We offer affordable brand services, including social media advertising, professional photography, marketing videos, and more! We’ve got Client growth covered too. We know home planning changes with time. We’ve got a community of like-minded people to help – the whole way!


We know that technology can sometimes be a four-letter word. Your Storefront and the Workilo Marketplace have been designed to be easy to use. Still need help? Workilo Experts are here for you – when you need them most.


We welcome and celebrate innovation at every turn. Workilo Clients have great ideas and Workilo Workers know just how to get them done. Let’s get to Work!

Our Story

A couple in Brooklyn, NY bought their first home, but found their excitement fading when they realized how much needed fixing. They needed help, but making ideas come to life proved difficult. Service price, quality, and availability were all over the place. They found no simple solution to find help.

While shopping around, they realized that local business owners had their own unique difficulties. Digital marketing wasn't their forte - professional skilled services were. No matter their amazing talent, the business owners were struggling with the technical side of making it visible and known.

So, Workilo was born - a single-solution platform for local Workers and the Clients that need their help. We make it easy for you to buy and sell professional skilled services, because all the essentials are in one place - Workilo!

Our Team


Pawel holds a MSc from the London School of Economics and had worked for a major consulting firm. He has extensive experience with Digital Platforms and has helped launch health care exchanges in the U.S. His passion for technology combined with his desire to help workers led to the launch of Workilo's platform


Mayya graduated from NYU and launched her career as an entrepreneur. She has extensive experience with service platforms and helps making the Workilo experience the best it can be both for customers and service providers


Christina holds a MS degree from University of College London. In her career she worked for CNN and TFA in media and technology roles. She co-founded Workilo with the goal to help educate workers on how to succeed in increasingly digitalized economy which she saw has left many people across the country behind